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Top Features
  • Waterproof 1000D nylon
  • Sturdy handle at top
  • VELCRO on both sides
  • Aluminum leash attachment
  • 4 Tactical colors to choose from
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Pros: The K9 Military Patrol Training Vest is made of two layers of waterproof 1000D nylon fabric with a soft and comfortable padded mesh lining on the inside.

Cons: Only two sizes available

Bottom line: All things being equal, this is a fine product by Yisibo that lives up to its product description and matches its target audience well.

Manufacturer: Yisibo 

K9 Military Patrol Training Vest Overview

There are many different types of dog harnesses, each with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. All features must be taken into consideration when deciding what’s best for your dog. You should also consider what you want to accomplish with the vest. 

A common type of harness used is the back-clip harness, which is safe for your dog. Being comfortable for your dog is important to allow for long periods of use. The Yisibo also helps avoid any neck injuries for dogs that tend to bolt on walks.

Yisibo’s Tactical Dog Harness is a back-clip harness that comes in two sizes and four colors.

Sizes: Large and Small

Colors: Black, Camouflage pattern, Ranger Green and Coyote Brown


Dog harnesses are fairly straightforward, but this one does have one particular feature that is worth noting. Since the harness is designed with service dogs in mind, there is ample space (particularly on the large sized harness) to place patches or gear. 

Even if your dog’s only job is to love you, they could still look pretty cool in this harness. Simply attach some fun personalized patches on the sides. The harness is water resistant and according to some customers, it machines washes well. So no need to worry about the smell.

The harness is made of two layers of waterproof 1000D nylon fabric. The soft and comfortable padded mesh lining on the inside provides maximum comfort. On the top, this harness is sporting a sturdy, comfortably formed handle. This helps to control your dog without using a leash. 

Furthermore, there is a solid aluminum alloy ring to attach a leash to if desired. This harness is highly adjustable for the best fit possible. 

It has two sliders on the front to easily adjust for best fit. 

A sturdy quick release buckle to help it go on and off without hassle. 

A major selling point of this harness by Yisibo is that it is highly durable with reinforced seams for added strength and longevity.

Now that we know what’s being discussing here, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Most manufacturer’s are going to say nice things about their product, it’s their job. Who can blame them? The question is, how true are the product descriptions? That’s why we have product reviews and ratings, and that’s why we have articles like this one. To prevent wasted time reading a hundred poorly written product reviews. Everything you need to know is right here. So, let’s jump into specifics.


With this harness being marketed as a Tactical Harness, it’s crucial that it meets durability standards. It is said to be made of 1000D nylon, which is in the upper echelon of heavy duty fabric. It is also said that, “all seams are bound and reinforced.” What exactly that entails isn’t clear, but it certainly sounds strong. So, does it live up to its description? The verdict is: Yes and No After again plunging head first into the reviews, the answer is yes and no for two reasons. Yisibo talks highly of the construction of the harness. Having reinforced seams and heavy nylon which is confirmed by consumer review. However, what isn’t discussed in the product description, is the buckle strength and strap adjusters. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and there were numerous reviews sighting these two shortcomings: the main buckle in the front comes undone when the dog tugs hard, and the straps do not stay tight during use, which could really render this harness useless.

Again, these issues are certainly in the minority and not a common complaint. 

However, it should be said that complaints of straps not staying tight were frequent enough that it ought be taken into consideration as a potential issue. The buckle coming undone was less frequently noted. Although it was said in regards to both large and small dogs (though more commonly large). Owners of large dogs not saying anything about the weak buckle may have well behaved dogs. Dogs that do not tug like the dogs of the owners giving the poor review. This could explain what otherwise seems like an inconsistency in manufacturing quality. Owners of large dogs not saying anything about the weak buckle may have well behaved dogs that do not tug like the dogs of the owners giving the poorer review. This could explain what otherwise seems like an inconsistency in manufacturing quality.


This tactical dog harness is touted as highly comfortable and breathable, thanks to a quality mesh on the inside of the harness. With this product being marketed as a tactical harness, it is supposed to, “keep your dog cool when the combat gets heated.” Aside from heat management, it is also said to fit snugly and comfortably thanks to its design, adjustable straps, and padding. Does it live up to its own standards though?

The verdict is: Yes!


As far as consumers have reported, the harness is lightweight, machine washable, and most importantly, comfortable for the dog.

With a vast majority of reviews being high praise for the sound fit and adjust ability of this harness, there does seem to be a consensus on a downside.

For dogs around ten pounds, there is a good chance that this harness won’t get quite small enough depending on the breed of the dog and size of its chests, and loose harness isn’t going to be comfortable. This is the exception though, and far from the rule. Pleasing a whole range of dog owners, and fitting a surprisingly large range of dogs from 15-100 pounds (7-45 Kilos), this harness seems to live up to its comfort claims.

Final word: This harness is as comfortable as it’s said to be when worn by an appropriately sized dog.


You don’t want your dog to overheat or have to take a cool down break every 10 minutes. Keeping your dog cool while training or hiking is important. You want to ensure the vest you put on your dog allows proper ventilation and air flow. If you plan on training or hiking in the summer heat then you’ve got nothing to worry about with this vest. The thin material allows for maximum air flow while also protecting from the harmful sun UV rays.  

Final word

The vest construction is as good as stated. Although there is the potential that a poorly leash-trained dog could tug enough to cause the front clip to fail. 

Since a back-clip harness is not the best option for a dog who tugs in the first place, this tactical harness still seems to be a safe and reliable purchase for the right buyer. 

As for loosening straps, there is no guarantee this won’t be an issue, but on average it seems that this should not be an issue with the harness.


So, should you buy this harness or not? Of course there is no straight answer, but here is a helpful guide to help you decide. If you have a service or non-service dog between 15 and 95 pounds (7-43 kilos) that is well trained and you’re looking for a lasting, fashionable, comfortable harness, then this is a great one to try. If you have a dog above or bellow this weight range, that isn’t leash-trained, this could still be an option, but you should probably look elsewhere. For dogs being trained, try a gentle leader or a front clip harness.

All things being equal, this is a fine product by Yisibo that lives up to its product description and matches its target audience well.