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Top Features
  • PALS Webbing on both sides
  • VELCRO on 1 side and top
  • 1000D Military grade nylon
  • 2 Sizes - M, L
  • 3 Tactical colors to choose from
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Pros: Smaller vest with two large pockets included. Great vest for hiking and carrying gear.  

Cons: Only 2 sizes currently available.

Bottom line: Ultrafun offers another quality dog vest with this messenger model. It has 1 strap that secures under the abdomen and another strap for the chest. The two large pockets that come with the vest are durable and offer plenty of room for gear and supplies.

Manufacturer: Ultrafun

The breakdown

The Ultrafun service dog tactical vest is a neat option to replace the traditional dog harness. With the two large pockets on the sides it resembles and functions as a messenger bag. This vest would be great to accompany and assist veterans or persons with disabilities. The shorter length of this vest puts the weight of the pack on your dogs shoulders, allowing you to add more items. 

Best applications

Finding a job for your dog  will benefit both you and him. One of the best tools you can get your dog when giving him a job is a service dog tactical vest. A tactical harness is different from the traditional harnesses you  find at your local pet shop. Tactical harnesses allow your dog to feel like they are on the job opposed to just a walk. They allow your dog to carry gear, supplies and identification tags and look cool while doing it.  

Not all dogs are willing or capable to do some jobs so choose one carefully for your pup. Social dogs that love people would make for a great medic while serious lone wolf types might like to be the navigator or point man role.  If you don’t have a job for your dog to do then use this vest to assist in training. 

When searching for a tactical dog harness consider all the jobs your dog both can and want to do and pick a vest best suited to accommodate those jobs. They come in all shapes and sizes so shop around and find the best fit.  

Hero Dog

A hero dog assists and helps people with disabilities. They help reduce the reliance on other people by helping with tasks that their owner cannot do for themselves. This service dog tactical vest has two large pockets which allows you to store medicine, emergency devices, assistance items and more. If you have a disability dog or know someone who does, this vest would be a great tool. 

ultrafun tactical dog vest american dog hero


Attaching a medical kit and supplies to your dogs vest will give him a very important and helpful job as a medic. Whether your training alone with your dog or hiking in a populated area, having medical supplies is always a good idea. Consider attaching a prominent MEDIC badge for identification purposes and let people know your dog has supplies in case of an emergency. This vest has plenty of room for gear and badge attachments.

Therapy Dog

Animal Assisted Therapy involves the use of trained, certified animals as part of a medical patient’s therapeutic plan. These therapy dogs offer emotional support to sick or injured persons, often visiting hospitals and nursing homes. Stuffing this vest with stuffed animals, squeaker toys, or other mood lifting objects is a great way help your therapy dog do their job. 


Whether you’re going on a long hike in the deep woods or participating in a search and rescue mission, having a navigator in your group is important. Now, we all know dogs can’t read maps and navigate but they can carry the gear. With the Molle webbing and secure VELCRO on this vest you can give your dog the navigator title and allow him to carry the gear. Having your dog carry the navigation necessities is great. If you’re ever in need of your compass, map, flashlight or phone, you can easily pull it from your dogs vest instead of digging through your pack. 

Available Sizes

The Ultrafun service dog tactical vest comes in only two sizes, medium and large. The medium may be able to fit small dogs but double check their chest measurements before purchasing. If their chest is under 20″ at the girth consider purchasing the Lifeunion tactical service dog vest. 

It is recommended to double check your measurements and allow for 1-2cm difference due to manual measurement.   


1000D Nylon

The Ultrafun service dog tactical vest is made with durable high-density, water-resistant, anti-tear 1000D nylon material. It is made from the same material they use for manufacturing  U.S. military gear. To say it’s durable is an understatement. You won’t have to worry about replacing this vest due to a rip or tear in the material. 


The two pouches have with high-quality durable zippers. They are the thicker zippers you find on most outdoor gear and are easy to open and close. 


This sturdy vest features a classic yet stylish button closure flap over design. They are solid black metal that stays shut once you snap them. Releasing the buttons is as easy as pulling on the fabric corner and snapping them loose. 

PALS webbing for Molle attachments

The Pals webbing on this vest is not as large as some of the other vest but it has plenty of options for attaching Molle gear to. Attaching other gear is possible as well as long as it has straps that can fit through the 1″ Pals webbing. 


  • Mesh lining
tactical dog vest velcro front strap
  • Solid front padded strap

The belly of the vest has a sticky mesh lining that keeps the vest attached firmly to your dog’s back. It prevents the vest from bopping and weaving as he walks and runs. Additionally, the mesh design allows for proper ventilation that keeps your dog nice and cool.  


Keeping your dog cool is crucial to both your dogs health and to ensure your day outside isn’t cut short by over heating. This vest has a mesh lining on the inside that allows for proper air flow and ventilation. The small 2cm wide holes that is made of a rubber material keeps the vest secure to the back as well. 


Tactical dog vests can be a great way to improve your dogs behavior, assist them with training and give them a job to do. In addition, the  adventures, missions and hikes you go on will build a stronger bond between you and your dog. The simplicity, durability and  attachment space of the Ultrafun service dog vest make it a fantastic option for both the seasoned veteran or a new recruit learning the ropes.