top rated dog ramps for dogs to get into trucks

Ramps for Dogs to GET INTO TRUCKS & SUV’S

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Does your dog have trouble getting in and out of the truck cab or bed? 

You’re in need of a ramp for dogs to get into trucks then! 

We’ve selected some of the top rated ramps for dogs to get into trucks on Amazon and listed them below.

First, there are some things to consider before purchasing your new ramp.

Reasons to get a ramp for your dog

Older dogs: 

Senior dogs are not as agile as they once when as a pup. Their bones and bodies get beat down just like ours do. Consider getting your senior dog a ramp to save him from the stress of trying to get into your truck. 

Smaller dogs:

It can be a struggle for smaller dogs to jump high enough to get into your truck. They put themselves at risk of being injured from falling out if they aren’t able to jump high enough. Ramps are a great tool to assist smaller dogs with getting into large vehicles.

Injured dogs:

Dogs that have recently had surgery or are handicap from a previous accident will benefit greatly by walking up a ramp, opposed to jumping up in order to get into your truck. This will make car trips a much more enjoyable experience for them.  

Injury prevention:

By using a ramp it’ll save your dog from having hip and joint issues. Hip and joint surgeries can be quite costly and using a ramp can reduce the probability significantly. 

Prevent damage to your truck:

Every time your dog jumps up to get in the cab or bed of your truck you take a risk of your dog scratching the exterior and interior. After so many attempts at clawing their way in to you back seat the wear and tear will be easily visible. Consider getting your dog a ramp and save the appearance of your truck! 

Save your back:

Picking up your dog, whether small or large, repeatedly will put a strain on your back over time. Pulling out a ramp and setting it up for him is much easier on the both you.

Hands free way to help your pup in your truck:

Save your self from getting covered in dog hair, dirt and even mud by using a dog ramp. Ramps are one of the best ways to get your pup in your truck both hands free and hair free. 

Types of ramps for dogs getting into trucks

There are various types of ramps on the market for assisting your dog to get into your truck or SUV. Some of the most common types are, free-stand, telescoping, tri-fold, bi-fold, and stationary ramps. 

Ramps are also made from a variety of materials and have different surface materials such as grip tape, carpet and astro turf. Take into consideration the type of material your dog ramps needs to have in order to suite your dog.  

Free-standing ramps: 

Freestanding ramps have legs on them which allows them to stand on their own. They do not need to be attached to the truck or SUV and will stand firmly on there own. 

Telescoping ramps:

Telescoping ramps work similar to a telescope asthey slide in and out to varying lengths. These ramps work great if you have multiple vehicles you take your dog in like cars, trucks, campers or motorhomes and boats. 

Tri-fold ramps:

Tri-fold ramps do exactly that, they tri-fold into a smaller size for easy storage. They work great for larger vehicles like trucks and SUV’s. 

Bi-fold ramps:

Bi-fold ramps tend to be a bit shorter than the tri-folds. They do make it a bit easier for storing but may not offer the length needed to get into your truck. These ramps tend to be more indoor ramps for assisting your pup to get onto furniture or over stairs but can be used for vehicles. 

Types of surface material

The surface material on the dog ramp you choose is important. Some dogs may do well on grip tape surfaces while other dogs may not. 

Furthermore some dogs may perform better on carpet surface or astro turf type material while others dogs may prefer grip tape. 

It is important to know the different types of surface materials in order to get the appropriate ramp for you dog. 

It is ultimately up to you to decide, luckily there are options to modifying your dog ramp to fit their needs no matter which ramp you purchase. 

Grip tape: 

The grip tape material is the most common surface material on dog ramps. It is similar to the grip tape used on skate boards and sometimes truck beds. Although it does help to prevent your dog from slipping the rough surface has been known to hurt dogs feet. 

Some dog ramp owners have found that purchasing a material suitable to your dog, such as an outdoor rubber rug, and attaching it your ramp with velcro backing will make it more comfortable for your pup. 


Carpet material on dog ramps is a possibility but the options are limited. We were not able to find a highly reviewed outdoor dog ramp with carpet to list as an option. 

If you dog has sensitive paws and cannot walk on harsher materials consider attaching a 4′ x 6′ carpet rug to the ramp. Similar to the tip for solving the grip tape roughness attach sturdy velcro backing to both the rug and the ramp. This has been know to work great for older dogs with sensitive paws. 

Astro turf type:

The astro turf type material has been know to be one of the best materials for dogs. It allows for a firm grip between the dogs paws and the ramp ensuring they do not slip. If you’ve ever walked on astro turf then you know the comfort level is great for your dogs feet. 

  • Our Top Pick

Solvit deluxe extra long telescoping dog ramp

We chose the PetSafe deluxe extra long telescoping ramp for dogs to get into trucks for many reasons. The telescoping feature allows you to use this ramp for various vehicles and tasks. The whopping length of 87 inches is by far the longest ramp length we’ve come across and holding up to 300 pounds at that length is impressive. The side rails offer a great safety feature ensuring your pup has an accident free climb and decent from your truck.

This may not be the right ramp for you and your pup we highly suggest you do some shopping and research in order to find the right fit for you. 

Longest Ramp

  • Extends from 47 in. to 87 in
  • Raised rails on both sides
  • Can hold over 300 lb!
  • High traction walking surface

If your dog’s joints get sore after running around all day in the park then jumping up in the back seat of your truck might be a little rough on him at times. This telescoping ramp is perfect in assisting your dog into your truck. 

The grip feels like sandpaper and is effective even when wet. The rubber feet ensure a  stable and solid grip on the ground to prevent any slippage. 

You’ll get the same durability and strength regardless of the width setting you have it at. 

Having a flexible setting makes it useful for getting your dog up and into different areas of your truck. From the bed to the cab you’ll have a flexible ramp.  If your dog goes to work with you every day this ramp is perfect for daily use as it is quick and easy to set up. 

The ramp is very sturdy, no need to worry about damaging it from throwing it in the bed of the truck.

RAMP TYPE: Telescoping


DIMENSIONS: 47″ -87″ x 20″ x 4″ 


TOTAL WEIGHT: 21.4 pounds


Pet Gear light weight tri-fold dog ramp

Lightest Ramp

  • Has a soft padded mat for walking on
  • Built-in handle for easy storage and portability
  • Pressure activated grip to ensure paws easily grip into the mat
  • Raised siding to help prevent slipping off the side
  • Tri-fold design for compact storage
  • Holds dogs up to 200 pounds

The Pet Gear travel lite ramp only weighs 15 pounds and is a great fit for someone that struggles to lift heavy objects. 

The padded astroturf type material is removable for easy cleaning and works great for giving your dog a secure walking surface.

The product dimensions are 71″ long x 16″ wide but the walking surface is only 12.5″ wide. 

The tri-fold system, coupled with the low 15-pound total weight, allows you to easily fold the ramp up and toss it in the bed of your truck or even the cab on rainy days. 

RAMP TYPE: Tri-fold

SURFACE MATERIAL: Astro turf type

DIMENSIONS: 71″ x 16″ x 4″ 


TOTAL WEIGHT: 15 pounds


Lucky Dog 6 ft. telescoping dog ramp for

Highest Reviewed Ramp

  • Large 15.5" wide walking surface
  • Extends from 39 inches to 72 inches
  • Can hold up to 200 lb
  • Lightweight body with built-in carrying handle
  • Safety rails on both sides of the ramp

The Lucky Dog telescoping ramp by Discount Ramps is a great fit for truck owners with dogs. It is light weight, durable and easy to use. You can set this ramp to various lengths to assist your dog onto other elevated surfaces like stairs, steps, couches beds and more! 

This ramp comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty upon shipment arrival. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or incorrect use of the ramp. 

Be sure to weigh and measure your dog before purchasing this ramp to ensure a safe and pleasant traveling experience for your dog. 

RAMP TYPE: Telescoping


DIMENSIONS: 39″-72″ x 16.5″ x 1.8″ 


TOTAL WEIGHT: 17 pounds


  • Caution

Although the Lucky Dog telescoping ramp is capable of holding dogs up to 200 pounds, the ramp does tend to bend a little on heavier dogs. The light weight material the ramp is made out of is best suited for dogs under 120 pounds. Consider getting the PetSafe telescoping ramp ramp for heavier dogs. 

Pet Gear light weight tri-fold dog ramp

Most Affordable Ramp

  • Slip resistant sandpaper type surface
  • Easily folds up for quick storage
  • Can hold up to 200 pound dogs
  • Most affordable dog ramp from our selections
  • Rubber grip stoppers positioned on the bottom for a firm grip to the ground

Pet Gear Inc has been in business since 1936 and is dedicated to providing new and innovative products in the pet industry. 

This is a great affordable option for a dog ramp. Weighing in at only 14 pounds makes it light weight and easily portable. 

Having rubber grip stoppers located on the bottom allows for a stress and slip free ramp for your dog to use. 

There are raised edges on the sides to help assist in guiding you dog up and down the ramp. They are also help prevent your dog from accidentally falling of the ramp. 

This ramp is ideal for both trucks and SUVS and comes with a safety tether hook for latching onto your truck. 

RAMP TYPE: Tri-fold


DIMENSIONS: 71″ x 16″ x 4″ 


TOTAL WEIGHT: 18 pounds