top rated extra large outdoor dog pens for active dog backyard

Top Rated Extra Large Outdoor Dog Pens

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Extra Large Outdoor Dog Pens

If you’re in a situation where walking your dog daily is a challenge, consider getting an extra large dog pen. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Pet exercise is very important. Your dog needs a space in which to romp.

Top Reasons to get a indoor/outdoor dog pen

#1. Your dog is disobedient, stubborn or has social issues.

#2. You have a busy work schedule and don’t have much free time to walk him. 

#3. Your neighborhood is unsafe with speeding vehicles or other dogs.

#4. You or your dog has health issues and cannot walk long distances.

#5. You just want a safe place for your dog to play indoors.

With dog pens, your dog has the opportunity to romp around without having the chance to escape and run a muck in the neighbor’s flowerbed.

Dog pens offer a great solution for helping your pet get the exercise he needs.

6' x 10' x 10' Kennel

  • 100% Commercial Grade Steel!
  • 1" Legs for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for medium, large and extra large dogs
  • Weatherproof - leave it outside all year!
  • Safe and sturdy for ultimate protection
  • 8 gauge heavy duty 2x4 wire mesh

Dog Pens - What Are They?

Dog pens, are fences that allow your dog a safe place for your dog to exercise and play. They come in sizes ranging from 24 to 48 inches in height. Most pens are versatile and mobile allowing you to use them indoors or outdoors. The hinges allow you to configure dog pens into just about any size and shape you choose. 

Dog pens are also available with soft sides constructed of canvas and mesh. These weigh less and are more portable, but if your dog is rambunctious or tends to chew they are far more easily destroyed than the metal dog pens.

Dog Pens and Training​

One of the best ways to encourage and maintain your dog’s good behavior is to manage his or her environment. These pens are great tools for doing this! 

You can create a comfortable and familiar environment for your dog when you are not there to watch over and train him or her. When you have company over and cannot devote your full attention to them, let them play in their pen! 

Travel and Portability​

Portable dog pens are available. They consist of portable fencing made of light gauge wire formed into eight hinged panels. The hinges make the exercise pen easy to put away or transport. There are mesh wall options available for smaller dogs as well. 

Traveling with your dog

Dogs can be great fun to travel with, if you are well prepared. Taking a dog pen along with you on your trip will give your dog a secure place to relax no matter where you are, without having to tie your dog up all the time. 

Dogs are easily unsettled by unfamiliar surroundings. This can cause the dog to behave inappropriately. For example, the dog may be tempted to urinate on furniture or decorative items, or chew on furniture and fixtures-particularly awkward if you’re staying at someone else’s house. 

Spacious pens with a familiar soft blanket and chewable toys can be a welcome place to rest for your dog. Knowing your dog is relaxing will ease your mind as well.

House training Applications​

Dog pens can be tremendously useful in housebreaking your dog. It will allow you to use a box or piddle pad, or keep your dog in a limited space until you can take him or her outside.

If the dog perceives the space as his own, he may be less inclined to soil it. You will, however, need to remember to take your dog outside frequently to do his business.

Other Uses for Dog Pens​

Pens are used at dog shows to keep the participants safe, happy and separate from each other until it is their turn to tour the ring.

They are also used to keep your dog confined to a limited area of your house or yard after your dog has returned home from surgery.

A dog that has been recently operated on should not be allowed to roam free, but rather must remain where you can closely observe him.

Oxford Heavy Duty Portable Dog Playpen


  • Heavy Duty Steel Welded Kennel
  • Great for residential or commercial use
  • Waterproof roof included
  • Simple setup and assembly


  • Not ideal for high anxiety dogs. The metal mesh walls have square openings that can catch a paw.

The Lucky Dog complete box kennel is perfect for residential or commercial use. The steel bars and wire mesh are welded before coating to prevent sharp edges that may harm your dog. 

This dog pen comes coated in a rust and corrosion resistant spray to ensure protection from being outdoors and exposed to the elements. 

The heavy duty waterproof cover and steel roof frame fit the outdoor pen perfectly. The enclosed ends provide your dog with full protection from sun, rain, snow and harmful debris. 

Added UV protection prevents ripping, cracking, fading or peeling. Giving you years of worry-free use. The sturdy elastic cords holding down the cover won’t break or stretch 

Oxford Heavy Duty Portable Dog Playpen


  • Approved by airlines
  • Economical
  • Easy configuration
  • Wide octagonal shape


  • Heavy and difficult to carry

The Oxgord Folding Exercise Playpen is an excellent option if you are looking for ways to corral puppies or small dogs. 

This playpen is made of high quality steel. In addition to aesthetic purposes, the corral’s metal construction is coated to help resist wear and tear, so the product can last a long period of time. 

This unit is not reformed to the required standards for large and heavy dogs, but it is a great pen for pets that do not have too much jumps. 

Although this unit is quite heavy, its mass helps prevent a hyperactive dog from tearing it down.

Assembling the Oxgord Folding Exercise Playpen is an easy task and requires no tools at all. This corral exhibits an octagonal shape and is 64 “wide, as well as enough space to play.

It is also large enough to accommodate a small dog or a dozen puppies. As for storage, you can easily fold the equipment and make it flat; therefore, it requires only a minimum storage space. 

This dog pen includes ground anchors to help keep it firmly in place, even when it is windy.

Advantek Pet Gazebo Outoor Kennel


  • Weather resistant top cover
  • Available for various size options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Raised above ground level with sturdy stacks to prevent depreciation


  • It's smaller size will not allow for much running room

The Advantek Company is proud to present to dog lovers this wonderful outdoor kennel for dogs. 

This unit is a simple but incredible way to guarantee your dogs the luxurious and safe outdoor life they deserve. It is available in several size options, including small, medium and large. 

Small kennel dogs weigh up to 50 pounds. The medium should be used for dogs up to 100 pounds, while the large pen can accommodate dogs up to 180 pounds.

Its low profile design, as well as the provided top sunblock cover, will play an important role in ensuring the comfort of your dogs by protecting them from various extreme environmental conditions. 

You can choose to connect several kennels to get the best configuration for your pet (s). Configuration of this unit is as easy as pie, since no tools are needed.

Petmaker portable pop-up dog pen


  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Less storage space is needed
  • Very Affordable!


  • Bottom is not waterproof and will absorb soil / grass moisture when placed outdoors. Laying a blanket or water proof tarp down is recommended.

If you are looking for a mesh option for your dog, this ESK pen is fantastic.

The mesh is easily breathable, comes with a roof, and you will find that it is quite easy to set up and disassemble.

It also comes in several different colors, if looks are a major concern for you.

However, a word of caution, the mesh can be separated quite easily for those dogs that love to chew things. It is probably more appropriate for a calmer and older dog than a puppy prone to trying its teeth with everything.

The fabric is waterproof, and the floor material is moisture proof to prevent it from having milder problems. The mesh is easy enough to wash, you just have to spend a little time with a hose if your dog is prone to accidents.

Large 16 Panel Barrier Pet Fence


  • Easy assembly without tools
  • The setup can be in a variety of configurations
  • It can be configured as a gate to the wall outside the areas of the house
  • Additional pens can be easily added to create larger play areas


  • The door is narrow for a well-rounded person
  • Will rust when paint cracks or chipped if left outdoors for extended period of time.

This heavy-duty pet pen is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is marketed under several brands, with the Best Pet brand being the most widely recognized. Each of the eight panels measures 24 “tall and 31 inches wide, creating just over a 66.5-square-foot play area.

The individual panels are lightweight; however, the entire product box weighs 55 pounds. It is possible that new owners who receive the product may want to open the box outdoors and bring the individual panels inside in pairs.

The panels are easily joined by means of long 40″pins that slide through the loops on the ends of the panels. These pins can be pressed on soft soil outdoors to add stability to the pen and sink into the carpets without piercing the carpet backing.

However, they can damage the hardwood floor. If you intend to use this pen indoor with hardwood, invest in felt adhesive pads for the pegs. The panels themselves should not damage hardwoods unless they are pushed violently across the floor. Pet owners whose dogs get too excited about the return of their owners may have a problem with this.

Suitable for puppies, rabbits, adult dogs and ferrets. Not recommended for medium size and large breed dogs to stay in unattended. It will not contain healthy cats. It can be used indoors, in garages and outdoors.

A word of caution:

Although this play pen works great for indoors and outdoors like most metal it will rust if left outside. Be sure to cover your dogs playpen with a tarp or bring it in when not in use. 

Midwest Foldable Metal Excersise


  • Durable finish is rust and corrosion resistant.
  • 16 gauge heavy metal structure.
  • The door has a latch and works great.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.


  • The included latches are made of plastic.

This playpen has eight anchors for outdoor use and four clips to facilitate assembly. 

The durable e-coat finish on this provides lasting protection against rust and outdoor elements.

The metal bars are sturdy and thick no-nonsense bars with great quality finish. This dog pen has 8 panels which fold in any direction. You can shape the 16 foot long pen into a room divider, or snap the ends together with the included spring clips to form a rectangle or octagon.

8 ground anchors for outdoor use and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly come included with the purchase. As for the top, it can be bought separately. 

This convenient and trusted dog playpen by MidWest is very easy to set-up and no tools are required for DIY assembly. Dog pen folds flat for easy storage or transport.

This pen is perfect for dog owners who want to house their larger dogs outdoors. It comes in a variety of heights, so you can choose the one that fits your pet the best. The quality that went into its construction is pretty admirable, hence a very good rating on Amazon.

Despite its large size, storage is a breeze since the pen easily folds flat and allows you to place it out of the way in your shed or garage when it’s not in use. This black Electro-Coat finish dog pen is sturdy, attractive, and yet affordable. It’s probably the best large dog playpen out there and for the price, it’s really a steal.

A word of caution:

This pen seems to be perfect for mid-size dogs. The bigger sorts can at times distort or even chew through the bars whereas smaller breeds who like to jump a lot might get their paws caught in the pen joints and hurt themselves.


While your dog’s pen is useful for keeping your dog at select times, they are not intended to be a place where the dog can stay indefinitely. In spite of the name you’ll want to take your dog out of the pen and let him get some real exercise.

You can acclimate your dog to the pen the same way you would to a crate: feed him in the pen, do not leave him alone in the pen until he’s used to it. Don’t leave his collar on when he’s in the pen, for his own safety.