dog leash that goes around your waist

Dog Leash That Goes Around Your Waist | Hands free dog walking

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One of the most rewarding and important activities dog owners can do for their dogs is take them for a daily stroll, run or hike. Dogs love being outdoors and are extremely happy and grateful when you take them. Unfortunately, some dogs don’t act very well mannered when on a leash which could prevent them from going on walks.

Thankfully, for many dogs and dog owners that love being outdoors there has been a new style dog leash that goes around your waist introduced into the dog community!


Ditch that traditional handheld leash that makes it a pain to walk your overly excited dog and consider buying a handheld leash. They allow you the freedom to push a stroller, talk on your phone, take pictures, run and so much more!

With the sliding belt clip your dog will love having the freedom to go in whichever direction he chooses. You’ll never have to worry about the dreadful pulling and tugging from your dog again!


dog leash that goes around your waste
Shop Pet Dreamland leash

Pet Dreamland Dog Leash

The Pet Dreamland leash is suitable for dogs up to 150 pounds! While other hands free dog leashes offer 1 to two bungees, this leash has 3. 

Having 3 bungees allows you to use 3 different lengths to meet your dogs needs, short, medium and long. On walks when you don’t need the full length, you simply fold the excess bungee around the belt clip for convenient storage. 

The bungee material is 3X stronger than your average hands free dog leash and  has reflective material on both side.  

This leash offers heavy-duty hardware and has a 100% lifetime warranty! 

Runner Up

dog leash that goes around your waist for running with your dog
Shop the Pet Fit leash

Pet Fit Premium dog leash

This dog walking leash set comes with a handy pouch that can store your dogs toys, poop bags or treats. You can also use it store your phone, car keys or wallet!

There are various unique ways you can use the KiddyWoof leash to meet your dog’s needs. You can set it up as a normal lead, double leash, short leash, training bungee or running leash. 

This leash comes with two rings attached to the belt which allows you to easily walk two dogs at once, hands free! 

Uses for a hands free leash

  • Running

These leashes have a bungee style leash which is brilliant for running or allowing your dog some extra walking room! As your dog changes pace, running to a mailbox to pee on, or to inspect some grass, instead of the leash yanking you, it will give  slack. 

This minimizes the tug from the leash and the elasticity of the bungee will help to pull your dog back.  These light weight and hands free dog leashes allows you to run with a normal arm swinging motion providing optimal comfort when running with your pup.

  • Walking
Designed with a unique blend of strength and flexibility providing the ultimate walking experience for both you and your pup. If you have issue with your dog pulling on your walks consider getting a leash that wraps around your waist. They have been proven to help reduce dogs pulling and help train them to walk normally with you. 
  • Training

Made with premium quality material ensures they stand up to years of repeated stress from even the most playful dogs. Help train your dog to learn how to properly walk next to you without the hassle of holding the leash with your hand. 

After a while your dog will be walking at your pace making a comfortable and smooth walking, running or hiking experience for everyone! 

Features of a hands free dog leashes

When shopping for a dog leash that goes around your waist there are many features to look for. Additionally, there are also many reviews of each leash on Amazon. 

Be sure and shop around for the best leash that will meet both you and your pups needs. 

Extendible bungee cord

Helps to absorb shock, reducing the feeling of being ‘pulled’ even when used with lively and powerful dogs. Most dog leashes made to wrap around your waist come with a bungee cord but there are some that do not.  Be sure and get one what has the bungee style cord, you do not want the material that your typical handheld leash is made from. 

Various Lengths

Most of these waist leashes are offered in various sizes. The sizes range from 27″ to 59″ in length. Be sure and find a good length that works with your dog. 

Longer leashes work best if your dog likes to run in front of you while short leashes work great for having your dog walk by your side. 

Reflective stitching

The majority of leashes that we’ve come across do have some reflective material on them. The reflective stitching increases visibility, providing safety when hiking with your dog early in the morning or late at night. Be sure and get a leash that has it. 

Flexible belt

Most hands free leashes that go around your waist can fit most waists. They are very easy to adjust so it can be customized to suit you. 

Detachable leash

The detachable clip on leash can help increase control over your dog when needed and makes it possible to use as a standard hand-held dog leash when preferred.

Simply remove the leash from the waist belt and use it as a regular dog leash whenever you like. Some leashes have two clips on them which allows you to walk two dogs at once. 

Benefits of a hands free dog leash

dog leash that goes around your waist no more pulling

Using a dog leash that goes around your waist opposed to your hand is recommended by both trainers and physical therapists. You increase your posture while reducing any strain on your arm, neck and back. 

Training your dog will never be easier with the leash wrapped around your waist. Your hands are able to do so much more now without worrying about holding the leash. 

More freedom and comfort

The options are endless when it comes to taking your dog on a walk or run without having to hold the leash. 

Talk on your phone, pick up dog poop, shake hands with someone you know, stop and do some push-ups, endless opportunities!  

Reduce injury to neck and arm

By using your waist to absorb the pulling and tugging from your dog, you eliminate any stress to the neck and arm. 

Reduce fatigue

With the leash attached to your waist you are able to run, hike and walk longer. The bungee works great to remove wasted energy from holding onto a traditional leash. No more tired and swollen hands at the end of your exercise! 

Improve posture

When walking with a hand held leash we tend to lean forward if our dog is pulling or runs up to greet a friend. By eliminating the hand held leash you increase you ability to stand up straight and walk with a correct posture.  

Walk more than one dog!

Having two dogs on one hand held leash can be a nightmare for some dog owners. One dog wants to stop while the other dog wants to go go go! Wearing a leash that attaches around your waist allows you to better maintain your center of gravity when being pulled. Unlike a handheld leash, regardless of which direction your dogs are going you will be able to keep balance.  If you have more than one dog these leashes are wonderful. Don’t let your dogs take YOU on a walk. Take your dogs on a walk and be the dominant member in your pack. 

Nutty Pup Waist Wrap Dog Leash

The Nutty Pup waist wrap dog leash is a great leash for any dog! It comes built with two padded handles for added control of your dog. It is only available in one color and one size. 

The bungee cord system will allow for a safe and fun way for your dog to run on his own terms.  

"I purchased the Nutty pup to walk my two pugs and we absolutely love it! The two rings are awesome for allowing me to walk both dogs at the same time hands free! With both my hands free I am able to do work on my phone and picking up after them is much easier now. The quality is great I see this leash lasting a long time."
active doggy avatar

Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog Leash

Shop this leash

Enhance your dog walking experience with this MightyPaw hands free dog leash. 

It has received many 5 star ratings on Amazon. They work for small, medium and large dogs! 

Two sizes: 36 inch and 48 inch
Two Colors: Grey or Black

Made of durable weather proof material with reflective safety thread. 

Bolux Hands Free Dog Leash waist for Running, Jogging or Walking

Take your pup on a carefree jog, hike, run or walk with the Bolux Hands Free leash. It has received many 5 star ratings on Amazon. They work for small, medium and large dogs! 

Two sizes: One size fits 27″ to 47″ waist
Four Colors: Blue, Green, Orange and Water Green

Made of durable weather proof material with reflective safety thread. This leash is one of the more affordable options of a dog leash that goes around your waist and works great!


There are many benefits of using a dog leash that goes around your waist. Furthermore there are even more options when it comes to shopping for one. Don’t jump into the first one you find, consider browsing around and reading reviews before you purchase. 

Most of them have received great reviews, in part of the dog owners realizing the great feeling of having your hands free while walking your dog! 

Each dog walks, runs and hikes different so while one leash may work great for your neighbors dog, your pup may struggle with it.