top rated dog ramps for getting into cars large and small dogs

Top-Rated Best Ramps for Dogs To Get Into Cars

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Best Ramps For Dogs To Get Into Cars 2018

Are you looking for the best ramps for dogs to get into cars? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched dog ramps and made a convenient list of top rated and reviewed dog ramps.

Reasons to get a Car ramp for your dog

There are many reasons as to why your dog may need assistance with getting into your vehicle.

Regardless of their age, weight or size you will likely need one at least once within their lifetime. We’ve listed some of the more common reasons below for you to consider.

Recent Surgery

If your dog has recently undergone surgery then he will have trouble getting in and out of your vehicle. If you have a SUV, truck or even a car consider getting one to assist him.

Assisting Older Dogs

Once your dog starts aging his ability to jump in and out of your vehicle will diminish. He will rely on his owner (You) to pick him up and set him in the vehicle.

This will lead to you getting covered in dog hair, muddy water, or potentially injured. A simple fix to that problem is investing in a dog ramp for him to use.

Prevent Joint Issues

Starting your dog off young using a ramp for getting into the car will help prevent future knee, back and joint problems. Image the force that is put on your dog when jumping in and out of your vehicle. Using a ramp will eliminate any unnecessary wearing and tearing on your pups body.

Sensitive dogs that don’t like being picked up

Some dogs do not like being picked up. Some have had injuries in the past or have been mishandled and do not take it very well. Instead of making them unhappy and uncomfortable on every car ride, buy them their own ramp!

Training your dog to use the ramp

After purchasing your dog ramp you’re probably going to be super excited for your dog to use it. But to your surprise your dog wants nothing to do with it. Dogs are very skeptical animals. There will be a little bit of training involved before he trusts the ramp and is ready to use it.

Start Inside

When your dog ramp arrives at your front door bring it in and open it up with your dog. Find a place inside your home to lay it out and allow your dog to smell and inspect it. 

Lay it flat on the ground and allow them to walk on it. If your dog is super skittish and nervous consider leaving it on the floor for a day or two. 

Once they seem to be used to it set it up on an elevated surface such as your stairs. If you can’t find anything indoors to set the ramp on then go outside and train your dog with the ramp either on your car or some outdoors stairs. Make sure the ground is flat if using your car to train.

Make sure there is absolutely zero chance of the ramp moving or sliding in any way. This will spook your dog and his trust will be lost in the ramp for eternity! 

Just kidding, but seriously dogs are very unforgiving when something spooks them. My 2 year old Shepard mix to this day will not be in the same room as me when I’m vacuuming or emptying the trash can. So be very cautious and smart about where you set the ramp to get your dogs first uphill steps onto it. 

Begin the Incline!

Once you’ve set the ramp onto a solid, sturdy, slip resistant surface you’re ready to start the training. 

Have your dog sit at the base of the ramp and entice him to walk up it with a piece of cheese or meaty snack.

Do this very slowly, there is no hurry to get up the ramp. If your dog slips in anyway they will become nervous about using the ramp. So stand by their side the entire time ensuring they will not slip. Use a leash to help guide them if your having trouble. 

Once they reach the top reward them with praise and their hard earned snack. Allow them to sit at the top for a small time and then proceed to slowly walk them back down the ramp. 

Once they’ve reached the bottom and cleared the ramp, reward them with another snack and praise them for doing such a good job! 

After practicing this routine a few times they will be confident and excited to use their new ramp.  

Buying the right ramp

There are many different options when it comes to dog ramps. Be sure to shop around and consider all options before purchasing one. There are more than enough reviews on Amazon from actual dog owners that have purchased and used most ramps. Some of the features to consider when shopping for a dog ramp are:

  • Type of ramp: There are many types of dog ramps. The most common designs are Bi-fold, Tri-fold and freestanding. Consider all three options before purchasing. Each ramp is designed and used for unique purposes.   
  • Width of the platform: If you have a large dog be sure the ramp you purchase has a wide enough platform to walk on. You want a zero percent chance of them falling off.
  • Length of the platform: Having a long platform allows your dog to walk up the ramp easier. He will exert less energy and reduce strain on his legs, hips and back when walking up. Consider getting a longer ramp if your dog has a hard time walking up hill.
  • Built in handle: Having the built in handle feature will benefit greatly for frequent use. Even if you don’t plan on using the ramp very often the handle will help with maneuvering the ramp in and out of the car greatly.
  • Slip resistant surface: It is very important that your dog has zero chance of slipping while walking up his ramp.  Most dog ramp manufacturers know this and offer a slip resistant surface. There have been instances of this material coming off or disintegrating from wear and tear. So be sure to inspect your dog ramp for any slippery parts.
    There is sand paper type material with a sticky backing you can use to replace the manufacturers material if it does wear down. You can pick some up on Amazon here. Dog owners have also purchased outdoor mats with rubber back on them to use on the ramps. Just simply cut the mat to size and attach velcro strips to the back of the mat and to the ramp. This will ensure a safe walking platform for your dog.
  • Size and compactibility: If your have a large vehicle then you probably don’t need to worry about the size of most ramps. If you have a smaller SUV, car or truck consider the size of the ramp before buying. Most ramps are designed to fit in most vehicle types but every dog owner has their own unique setup. 
  • Total weight: The weight of the ramp very important to consider. You can find this information in the product summary. If you are not able to lift heavy objects or don’t have anyone to do it for you consider getting the lightweight ramps. Make sure to store it in a convenient easy accessible area in your vehicle. 

Solvit 39 - 72 in Telescoping Ramp

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Top-Rated Heavy-Duty Option

This is  a great dog ramp for any size dog. It has a telescoping design that allows you to adjust the length of the ramps platform. For lower vehicles you can adjust it down to 39 inches and for higher vehicles it will extend up to 72 inches. This ramp is perfect if you have many different vehicles you take your dog in. It is also able to handle up to 400 pounds! Perfect for larger dogs. 


  • Lightweight and durable material (only weighs 13 pounds!)
  • Holds up to 400 pound extra large dogs.
  • Guiderails on both sides to boost your dogs confidence.
  • 4 rubber feet on the bottom for a stable footing.
  • Dimensions: 62 in. x 16in. x 4 in.


  • Extends from 39 in up to 72 in for a versatile fit.
  • Light weight (Only weighs 13 pounds!)
  • Holds up to 400 pounds! 
  • Works great with all types of vehicles including trucks! 
  • Safety guide rails ensure your dog won’t slip off. 


  • Only 16 inches wide. Make sure your dog won’t have any trouble walking within the 16 inch limit.  
  • The surface of this ramp has been said to be a little too rough for some dogs. If your dog walks outdoors a lot this shouldn’t be a problem.  

Pet Gear - Tri-Fold 71 in Ramp

Best Widest Width Option

The Pet Gear Tri-fold pet ramp gives your dog easy access into your car, SUV or elevated areas. It offers a slip proof tread that can be used in wet rainy conditions. There are rubber grips underneath the ramp to maintain a sturdy footing to the ground. 

This compact Tri-fold large dog ramp has a Tri-fold design the reduces storage space and has a carry handle for easy transportation. Total weight of the ramp is roughly 29 pounds. 

Ideal for large dogs up to 250 pounds.


  • Compact Tri-Folding dog ramp can travel anywhere.
  • Slip-proof surface provides safe footing.
  • Can handle dogs up to 200 pounds.
  • Folds open in seconds and offers carrying handle
  • Dimensions: 71 in. x 19.5 in. x 4 in.


  • Easily supports heavy dogs 80 pounds +.
  • Offers a whopping 19.5 inch wide platform to ensure your dog won’t fall off. 
  • Rubber grips located on the edges for a sturdy grip to the ground. 
  • Sturdy clips to attach to your car for a tight grip. 


  • The plastic body of this ramp has been known to bend and bow on dogs 115 pounds +. 
  • The weight of this ramp comes in around 29 pounds. Which isn’t bad for some but for others it may be an issue. 

Solvit 62 in Bi-Fold Dog Ramp

Best Light Weight Option

This Solvit dog ramp is the best option if your in need of a lightweight dog ramp. It offers a easy and economical way to assist your pet easy access into your vehicle. It weighs only 10 pounds but can hold up to a 150 pound dog! There are four rubber feet located on the bottom of this ramp and has walls on both sides to boost your dog with confidence while walking up and down the ramp.  

This ramp has received many 5 stars ratings and reviews on Amazon and is highly recommended among the dog owners community. 

Recommendation: The grip on this ramp isn’t very good. Consider buying a rubber backed 2 foot by 6 foot rug. Cut it appropriately to fit between the two walls and attach velcro strips to both the back of the rug and the ramp. This will allow for a safer walking surface for your dog. 


  • Lightweight and durable material (only weighs 10 pounds!)
  • Folds in half for easy carrying and storage.
  • Walls on both sides to boost your dogs confidence.
  • 4 rubber feet on the bottom for a stable footing.
  • Dimensions: 62 in. x 16in. x 4 in.


  • Lightweight and Durable (Only 10 pounds!)
  • Folds up easily and takes up little room. 
  • Works with small medium and large dogs!
  • Durable walls on both sides for guiding your dog. 


  • Only 16 inches wide. Make sure your dog won’t have any trouble walking within the 16 inch limit.  
  • The surface of this ramp doesn’t appear to be the best. Consider buying  anti-slip safety tape or an outdoor rug to replace the material with.