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Top Features
  • Durable & scratch resistant
  • Reflective sewing and patches
  • 2 Adjustable buckles
  • Sturdy soft padded handle
  • Aluminium D-ring
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Walking your dog can be challenging, strenuous, or just plain uncomfortable. Not only can choosing the wrong mechanism to walk your dog prove difficult for the person walking the dog, but it can be intimidating for your pet as well. Not to mention, having the wrong harness could prove disastrous for all parties involved.

Safety is a significant concern when walking one’s dog, so choosing the right harness is essential to maintaining peace of mind and protecting your beloved pet as well as yourself. We have all seen someone being dragged along like a sled because that person did not have the right restraint system for their beloved animal. However, the last thing anyone wants is for their dog to walk them.

Pros: Extremely lightweight material, Velcro strips on both sides, easy adjustable abdomen straps for getting a comfortable fit

Cons: Only two sizes available

Bottom line: The Lifeunion service vest is great for service dogs. Easily adjust the straps to meet your growing dog. 

Manufacturer: Pawaboo

The breakdown

The Pawaboo Dog Vest Halter Harness is a wonderful solution to creating a balance
between comfort and safety. In the vein of traditional dog harnesses, Pawaboo’s harness is
designed to control your canine while preventing possible neck injuries from the use of an
improper restraint. Yet, the Pawaboo Dog Vest Halter Harness is not a traditional dog harness
and is suitable for a lot more than bridling your dog like a horse when taking a walk around the
neighborhood. One characteristic that distinguishes Pawaboo’s Dog Vest is the built-in handle on
the back of the harness. This handle component creates an insurmountable level of control in
close quarters and is also extremely useful when training your dog.

Best applications

Finding a job for your dog  will benefit both you and him. One of the best tools you can get your dog when giving him a job is a tactical harness. A tactical harness is different from the traditional harnesses you  find at your local pet shop. Tactical harnesses allow your dog to feel like they are on the job opposed to just a walk. They allow your dog to carry gear, supplies and identification tags and look cool while doing it.  

Not all dogs are willing or capable to do some jobs so choose one carefully for your pup. Social dogs that love people would make for a great medic while serious lone wolf types might like to be the navigator or point man role.  If you don’t have a job for your dog to do then use this vest to assist in training. 

When searching for a tactical dog harness consider all the jobs your dog both can and want to do and pick a vest best suited to accommodate those jobs. They come in all shapes and sizes so shop around and find the best fit.  

Service Dog

The Pawaboo serves as a great service vest. It is very easy to put on and take off. The handle is padded, strong and will allow you to maintain maximum control of your dog. The reflective sewing and patches are a great safety feature for being visible at night and low light areas. The padding on this vest is superior to other dog vests and offers maximum comfort for your dog. You’re service dog will love wearing this vest! 

Sentry Dog

Patrolling an area for potential intruders or rodents is a fun and useful job to give your dog. When patrolling, it is best to give your dog a vest similar to the Lifeunion vest. With the durable grab handle and the fully adjustable straps you won’t have to worry about losing control of your pup when he discovers his target. Consider getting a tactical leash with a handle to amplify your control.  

Weekly Walks

A traditional dog harness you find at your local pet store is slowly becoming old news. They are difficult to get on, and most dogs can squirm their way out of them. Replacing that ancient harness with a Lifeunion tactical harness will leave both you and your dog much happier on your walks. You’re dog will never want to take it off! Pair your new walking vest with a LED dog collar make you and your dog more visible to traffic and pedestrians. 


A tactical dog harness has many added benefits over using a basic dog leash and collar. If your dog tends to pull hard while on walks, a harness can assist with training your pup not to pull without hurting him or her. A harness evenly distributes weight across adog’s chest, whereas a collar does not.


The versatility of the Pawaboo Dog Vest Halter Harness is excellent! Whether you have a Mastiff or a Maltese, the sizing options provided by Pawaboo can accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes. Not only does the company offer a variety of sizing options, but the adjustable chest and neck straps further add to the harnesses suitability.


Scratch resistant Oxford material

Along with the flexibility of Pawaboo’s befitting design, the durability of the halter harness is praiseworthy as well. With an outer layer of scratch-resistant Oxford material, the mesh lining and soft sponge padding make Pawaboo’s Dog Vest Halter Harness durable enough for intensive training and comfortable enough for every day walks. Supplementing its robust Oxford material, comprised of polyester, cotton, and velvet, the reinforced box-stitching adds to the sturdiness of the vest.

Buckles with locks

Complementing the harness’ whole covering jacket design, the lock, and release buttons are also built tough. Similarly, the point of contact for the leash, the D-ring, is equally durable and the heavy duty stainless steel construction performs beautifully. What is more, a layer of adjustable nylon webbing reinforces the hoop and loop straps and adds to the sturdy design of the harness.

The abdomen strap has a solid, heavy-duty plastic buckle that stays locked. You won’t have to worry about it coming undone unless you want it to. Buckles like this can be found on similar outdoor and even U.S. military gear. 

The front strap simply goes over your dogs head and sits firmly to his chest. After you’ve snapped the abdomen buckle and gotten that properly adjusted you simply adjust the front chest strap. There is no way this strap will come undone because it is attached to both sides of the vest. The straps can however come lose over time so you will have to take the proper steps to ensure they stay tight. Some users have found that sewing them at the correct length keeps them from giving any slack. 

Reflective stitching

Another great property of Pawaboo’s design is the integration of reflective stitching. The reflective material is sewn into all the vest’s straps, as well as the handle of the harness, and is yet another feature used by Pawaboo to ensure the safety of your dog.


Adding to the durability provided by Pawaboo’s first-rate craftsmanship, the comfort-ability is outstanding. Again, we see this characteristic is real for both pet and owner. Even though the Oxford material is built tough, the soft, padded underbelly of the harness is made of velvet and alleviates any concerns one might have about their dog being uncomfortable.

A padded handle adds comfort to close-proximity control, while the Oxford material is lightweight (weighing in at an astonishing 6 ounces) and allows the vest to breathe nicely.

Additionally, the positioning of the back-clip makes it so the leash remains untangled, and the dog’s front legs go unobstructed. Finally, the adjustable chest and neck straps make for a snug fit, and the dog remains well-heeled.

Ease of use

One of the best features of Pawaboo’s Dog Vest Halter Harness is its ease of use. With its accessible and user-friendly buckles and a seamless hook and loop closure, putting the harness on and taking it off can be done with the greatest of ease. 

Adding to the accessibility of the harness is the unique design of the release buckles. Pawaboo has included an easy-to-use locking mechanism on the release buckle to ensure the harness vest stays in place and keeps your dog out of harm’s way.


You don’t want your dog to overheat or have to take a cool down break every 10 minutes. Keeping your dog cool while training or hiking is important. You want to ensure the vest you put on your dog allows proper ventilation and air flow. If you plan on training or hiking in the summer heat then you’ve got nothing to worry about with this vest. The thin material allows for maximum air flow while also protecting from the harmful sun UV rays.  


All in all, the premium material, customizable fit, extraordinary craftsmanship and unique design make the Pawaboo Dog Vest Halter Harness a great choice when considering how to curb your pet. The combination of Oxford material and velvet make for a long-lasting, yet comfy configuration. The adaptability of the harness serves to help owners with dogs of all sizes, and the unique design ensures the dog’s comfort as well as their safety.