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Best Nighttime Safety Gear for Dogs | Professional Dog Walker Gear

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Enjoy safe nighttime journeys with your furry best friend

With winter quickly approaching, dogs and their owners find relief from the oppressive heat. With cooler weather comes fewer daylight hours, which brings its own dangers. When enjoying nighttime walks with your pooch, no matter the time of year, you need to be cognizant of the risks involved. Make sure and us the proper gear that will keep your furry friend safe.

Walking along roadways

Many dog owners routinely walk their dogs along roadways near their homes. Regardless if you live in a neighborhood or out in the country, remember that you need to alert drivers to you and your dog’s presence before it is too late. People understand the importance of wearing white when walking at night because they are more easily seen in the darkness. Dog owners should be using the same rule of thumb with their dogs.

There are several affordable products on the market that will help drivers see your dog at night. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so finding the best one for your dog is rather easy. Feel free to overload your dog with multiple reflective items. It is not uncommon to use more than one of these products at a time. You can never be too careful when it comes to your furry friend’s safety.

Reflective Material

One of the most common and effective types of nighttime safety gear for dogs is made of reflective material. A material that is both durable and very affordable. Most dog owners will purchase a reflective leash with matching collar or harness. Doubling up on reflective dog gear is a good idea because it will increase your dog’s visibility. No matter if the car is approaching from your front, side, or rear. The headlights will reflect off the gear and alert drivers of your dog’s presence.

#1. Reflective Harnesses

Highest rated nighttime harness

What goes best with a reflective leash? A reflective harness, of course! While there are several choices available online, the JUXZH soft front harness provides one of the most popular and highly rated reflective harnesses. They are made from heavy duty material, have two leash attachments to prevent pulling, and comes in nine colors and five sizes.

Other harness options

If you do not need a harness this intensive, PoyPet also offers a highly rated reflective harness. Many bright color options will be available for most harnesses. Although, be cautious of using gear that only utilizes reflective stitching because its effectiveness might be greatly diminished if your dog is especially fluffy or has long fur.

This is not to say that PoyPet makes a shoddy product because they do indeed have a highly rated harness. It just may not be the best choice for dogs with longer coats because the only reflective material on this particular harness is the stitching, which will be obscured by the fur.

#2. Reflective Vests

If you are using a collar or front clasping harness to walk your dog, you can enhance his or her visibility with a reflective vest, which also comes in handy during rainy weather.

Pet & Protect makes a highly rated waterproof vest made of lightweight, breathable material decorated with reflective paw prints. SafetyPUP XD is another company that offers a very popular and highly rated vest with an eye catching and attractive design that makes your dog very noticeable at night and during the day.

#3. Reflective leashes

There is no doubt that a reflective leash is a must have when you are strolling with your furry friend under the starry sky. Deciding which reflective leash is best for your dog is fairly simple but be mindful of your pooch’s size and the fact that dogs tend to be more alert at night. For puppies and small dogs, Pawtitas and Blueberry Pet provide reflective leashes that follow the standard design in a variety of beautiful colors with padded handles. 

Larger leashes

If your furry friend is on the larger side and has a strong prey drive, you will want a sturdier leash. Should your dog see a deer or other animal, you don’t want a weak leash. Bolux traffic control offers a popular and highly rated heavy duty reflective leash that has dual padded handles that come in handy in the event you need to gain enhanced control of your dog. Braided rope leashes are becoming very popular because of their durability and comfort and both BAAPET and Mycicy sell colorful designs made of reflective material.

Have multiple dogs to walk?

Have more than one dog? Pet-Nose offers a 3-pack special of braided rope leashes that are reflective and chew resistant. If you allow your dog more freedom to roam during walks, you may want to consider purchasing a retractable leash made of reflective material such as the one offered by Mighty Paw. Have you trained your dog to run in pace beside you? Wonderful! You and your dog will have a blast speeding along in tandem under the moonlight with the hands-free leash manufactured by Treat4Pet.

Want a hands free leash?

Have you trained your dog to run in pace beside you? Wonderful! You and your dog will have a blast speeding along in tandem under the moonlight with the hands-free leash manufactured by Treat4Pet.

#4. Reflective Collars

If you are sure your dog is fine being walked at night with only a leash and collar, you will be thrilled to know that several choices are available. Mighty Paw offers a unique waterproof design made of coated nylon webbing that gets drivers’ attention with a thick reflective strip.

If you are looking for personalized safety gear, GoTags is happy to provide you with extra peace of mind by creating a reflective collar with your best friend’s name and phone number on it.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough that extra care be taken when purchasing a collar where the threading is the only reflective material.

Attaching LED's to the collar

Another way to provide enhanced safety for your pooch is to attach an LED light to their collar or harness. Nite Ize’s SpotLit clip-on LED light is the premier choice because it has a carabiner and is weather resistant. If you take nighttime walks with multiple furry friends, a company called beslove offers a pack of six clip-on LED lights in multiple colors that double as ID tags and will make your dogs visible to drivers from a half mile away. If you are interested in making both you and your dog visible in the darkness, you may want to go with Whole Human’s highly rated dual pack of clip-on LED lights.

#5. Illuminating gear

LED leashes and collars

Blazin’ Bison manufactures rechargeable LED leashes and collars in a variety of colors that are water resistant and can be charged from any device for up to 7 hours of fun, safe nighttime adventures. Blazin’ Bison’s strong competitor, Illumiseen, also offers rechargeable LED glowing leads and collars that have received radiant reviews. Another powerful choice of LED collars is produced by Fashion&Cool because they can make it so your dog can be seen from a distance of 1640 feet depending on weather conditions.

Harness with both lED and reflective

Harnesses that have both LED and reflective features are superior safety accessories. If you forget to charge the LED batteries and the vest suddenly goes dark during your walk, the reflective material ensures that drivers will still see your dog. LightHound by noxgear is a harness that uses this dual design to the fullest and is appreciating rave reviews. Pet Industries offers a close contender to the LightHound at a very competitive price.

Nighttime water fun

If you enjoy boating or other water sports with your dog, safety is of the utmost importance should your dog fall into the water. eBasics manufactures a life jacket for dogs that will keep them afloat and has reflective strips, so your pooch can be found during nighttime hours. Kurgo’s Surf N Turf doggie life vest is another popular product that has reflective trim and has received shining reviews.

nighttime safety gear for dogs

While none of us want to imagine a nighttime quest turning into a nightmare, it is important to be prepared. It is your responsibility to make sure our dogs are out of harm’s way. After all, hoping for the best and planning for the worst is the ideal mindset to have as a responsible and loving dog owner. So, whether you and your dog are pounding the pavement or creating a splash underneath the starry sky. There is a product available to keep your best friend out of harm’s way.

By no means are these the only companies that provide quality nighttime safety gear for dogs. This will get you started on your journey to discovering what works best for you and your dog’s evening adventures.