large girly dog collars for your princess doggy

Large Girly Dog Collars For Your Princess Doggy!

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Does your female dog have a sassy and high maintenance personality?

Does she walk around the house like she owns the place? If so, you should consider getting her a large girly dog collar. 

Check the sizing on these collars before buying to ensure they will fit your pup comfortably. Most are available in 3 sizes but some only offer two.

Always ensure you can fit two fingers comfortably between the dog collar and their neck. This allows for maximum comfort for your dog and prevents choking risks. 

Blueberry Pet Girly Dog Collar (Large)

Blueberry Pet:
This large super girly large dog collar will match perfect for your princess doggy! It is made of 3M reflective neoprene durable material that offers comfort and style.

It features a trendy jacquard pattern that is woven into the webbing for a sturdy construction. 

This super girly collar is available in 6 other colors if pink isn’t your dogs cup of tea! 

Country Brook Design

The Country Book:
This Country Book collar is designed to prevent your dog from slipping out and escaping while on walks. 

It features a twin loop design that will tighten around the neck whenever your dog tried to remove it. It is known a a humane choke collar. 

This super girly collar is available in 5 other colors and 3 sizes. Medium, Large and Extra Large! 

Mora Pets Digital Camo Girly Collar

The Mora Pets:
The Mora Pets digital camo print collar will make your dog very stylish and adorable. Made of high density polyester to withstand mildew and mold. 

Very solid and durable dog collar for the price!

This super girly collar is available in 3 other colors and 2 sizes. 

Berry Pet Beirui Rhinestone Dog Collar

Berry Pet:
This Berry Pet rhinestone girly dog collar is the ultimate girly dog collar! Let her strut her stuff while sporting this stylish and durable rhinestone collar.  

Sturdy studded diamonds that do not fall off easily. 

Many 5 star reviews on Amazon. Highly recommended by hundreds of dog owners. 

This super girly collar is available in 9 other colors and 5 custom sizes!

Piccadilly by Very Vintage Designs

Very Vintage Designs:
These Very Vintage Designs girly dog collars are hand crafted one at a time in their studio located in California!

Made in the USA!

They are made from 100% designer fabric cotton and top quality hardware. Perfect for the vintage loving pup!

Available in 6 sizes XS to XL!