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Top Features
  • Metal break-proof buckle on M, L and XL Vests
  • Velcro on 4 sides
  • Mesh lining for breathability
  • 5 Sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL
  • 3 Tactical colors to choose from
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Pros: Updated unbreakable and snap proof hardware for the M, L, and XL vests,  Velcro strips, durable handle, mesh lining.

Cons: The one notable con about this vest is it requires some patience when putting it on your dog. 

Bottom line: A great vest for your dog with lots of sizes to choose from. 

Manufacturer: Icefang

The breakdown

We feel that the Icefang tactical dog harness is highly under-rated. It comes with everything you need to make your dog tactical! The front load bearing buckle on this vest has been updated to unbreakable and snap-proof metal. So you don’t have to worry about your large 135 mastiff breaking free. There is ample amount of velcro on the sides, the top and the front of the harness for attaching identification badges. The mesh lining on the inside of the vest is great for keep your dog cool and well ventilated.     

Icefang Tactical Dog Harness Applications

Finding a job for your dog  will benefit both you and him. One of the best tools you can get your dog when giving him a job is a tactical harness. A tactical harness is different from the traditional harnesses you  find at your local pet shop. Tactical harnesses allow your dog to feel like they are on the job opposed to just a walk. They allow your dog to carry gear, supplies and identification tags and look cool while doing it.  

Not all dogs are willing or capable to do some jobs so choose one carefully for your pup. Social dogs that love people would make for a great medic while serious lone wolf types might like to be the navigator or point man role.  If you don’t have a job for your dog to do then use this vest to assist in training. 

When searching for a tactical dog harness consider all the jobs your dog both can and want to do and pick a vest best suited to accommodate those jobs. They come in all shapes and sizes so shop around and find the best fit.  

Icefang tactical Dog Vest Available Sizes

X-Small (10-30LB)

25lb Poodle
15lb Terrier
28lb Beagle  

Small (30-50LB)

30lb French Bulldog
35lb Red Heeler
45lb Coonhound

Medium (50-70LB)

60lb Cane Corso
60lb Lab
70lb Blue Tick

Large (70-90LB)

85lb American Stafford
80lb Pitbull
75lb Boxer

X-Large (90-120LB)

135lb Great Dane
100lb Rottweiler
90LB German Shepard

Dogs come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Getting a vest that fits perfectly to your dog can be a little tricky. When choosing the right Icefang vest consider getting a size up if your dog’s measurements are on the fence between two sizes. You can adjust the straps on the abdomen and the chest to get a proper fitting. 


2 Buckle types

You get two types of buckles on this vest. The shoulder buckle has the most stress and force from your dog pulling so Icefang implemented a super strong metal buckle with a side release trigger. This makes it virtually impossible for your dog to break free. 

The second buckle is your basic thick plastic buckle used to secure the vest to your dogs abdomen. This buckle will stay secure as long as you get a proper size vest for your dog. You don’t want to have the straps stretched out to their maximum length. 

1050D Nylon

The Icefang tactical dog vest is made with durable high-density, water-resistant, anti-tear 1050D nylon material. It is made from the same material they use for manufacturing  U.S. military gear. To say it’s durable is an understatement. You won’t have to worry about replacing this vest due to a rip or tear in the material. 

Top handle

Having a strong, durable and break-proof handle is crucial in a dog vest. You want to have 100% assurance that you have complete control of your dog. Not only for your dog’s safety but for others as well. 

The Icefang tactical dog vest has a strong, secure and thick handle for maintaining control of your dog. The handle is sewn on using bartack stitching. It helps resist rips in the fabric and increase strength of the handle. 

icefang tactical dog vest durable handle with bartack stitching

PALS webbing and Velcro strips

  • There are three 1″ strips of Velcro sewn onto both side of the vest forming a Pals webbing grid.
  • One 2″ Strip of Velcro sewn along the back of harness for attaching prominently displayed I.D. tags.
  • One 2″x 3″ Velcro panel sewn on the front chest for name and identification tags as well.
pals webbing on a icefang tactical dog vest


  • Mesh sticky lining
icefang tactical dog vest adjustable straps on the abdomen
  • Adjustable Straps

The Icefang tactical dog vest works well for everyday use. The ergonomic design and adjustable straps of this vest allows for a snug and comfortable fit to your dog’s torso. It sits forward on the back allowing for any weight to be put on their shoulders and not their back. The mesh lining is great for preventing the vest from swaying and bouncing on their back and also for allowing proper ventilation. 


You don’t want your dog to overheat or have to take a cool down break every 10 minutes. Keeping your dog cool while training or hiking is important. You want to ensure the vest you put on your dog allows proper ventilation and air flow. If you plan on training or hiking in the summer heat then you’ve got nothing to worry about with this vest. The thin material allows for maximum air flow while also protecting from the harmful sun UV rays.  

Sentry Dog

With the strong handle at the top of this vest you are able to control your dog in close quarters. The strong buckles on the shoulders will also prevent your dog from breaking free in large crowded areas. These features make the Icefang a great option for patrol/ sentry dogs. Attaching “Do not pet” or “K9” Patches will help to let people know this dog is on duty and not to be distracted. 


Attaching a medical kit and supplies to your dogs vest will give him a very important and helpful job as a medic. Whether your training alone with your dog or hiking in a populated area, having medical supplies is always a good idea. Consider attaching a prominent MEDIC badge for identification purposes and let people know your dog has supplies in case of an emergency. This vest has plenty of room for gear and badge attachments.

Point man

When walking on a leash, most dogs tend to lead and walk in front of us. When your dog leads he is taking the role of the point man. This allows him to be the first one exposed to a threat or danger. If hiking in the deep woods with wild animals or a neighborhood with wild dogs, consider getting your point man the Icefang Tactical Dog Harness and a bungee dog lead.

You can attach necessary items like battery operated LED lights and  reflector badges for better visibility, a small cow bell for an audio deterrent, or even protective spikes. The vest itself will also help protect your dog from scratching or minor attacks from wild animals. Make sure your point man is protected and safe during your adventures and training. 


If your dog has a lot of energy, all the time, then this vest would make a great tool to help calm him down. Tactical dog vests have been proven to slow dogs down during walks and reduce pulling and tugging.

Having the vest on makes your dog feel like they have a job to do and leaves no room for funny business. Consider getting the Icefang tactical dog harness to help assist you with training your dog for both easy and more complicated commands. 


This Icefang vest looks the part and plays the part of being a tactical dog vest. If your looking to improve your dogs behavior, help train them, or even get them involved with some tactical or military duties then the Icefang Tactical Dog Harness is a great option. It looks military and definitely acts it. For the price this is a great vest.