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Top Features
  • Durable water-resistant material
  • Aluminum alloy v-ring
  • VELCRO on both sides
  • 2 Sizes - S,L
  • Soft padding to prevent chaffing
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Pros: Super tight and comfortable fit to your dog. A sturdy handle located at the base of the neck for complete control. Water proof, lightweight material to allow you and your dog to go anywhere! 

Cons: Two basic sizes available, small and large. 

Bottom line: The Elite Spanker is a great alternative to the traditional dog harness. It has Velcro strips on both sides for I.D. tags and even gear. 

Manufacturer: Elite Spanker

The breakdown

The Elite Spanker service dog vest is a great alternative to the traditional dog harness. This dog harness does come in only two sizes but with the adjustable straps you should be able to get a good fit regardless of the size of your dog.The small vest can fit dogs with a torso width of 19.5 inches up to 27 inches in circumference. For larger dogs with a girth of 25 inches up to 39 inches consider getting a large. Attach an identification patch to one of the two 3″ x 1.5″ Velcro strips and let others aware of your dogs name or what job he is doing. The Velcro is extremely sticky and waterproof! 

Best applications

Finding a job for your dog  will benefit both you and him. One of the best tools you can get your dog when giving him a job is a tactical harness. A tactical harness is different from the traditional harnesses you  find at your local pet shop. Tactical harnesses allow your dog to feel like they are on the job opposed to just a walk. They allow your dog to carry gear, supplies and identification tags and look cool while doing it.  

Not all dogs are willing or capable to do some jobs so choose one carefully for your pup. Social dogs that love people would make for a great medic while serious lone wolf types might like to be the navigator or point man role.  If you don’t have a job for your dog to do then use this vest to assist in training. 

When searching for a tactical dog harness consider all the jobs your dog both can and want to do and pick a vest best suited to accommodate those jobs. They come in all shapes and sizes so shop around and find the best fit.  

Patrol Dog

Patrolling an area for potential intruders or rodents is a fun and useful job to give your dog. When patrolling, it is best to give your dog a vest similar to the Lifeunion vest. With the durable grab handle and the fully adjustable straps you won’t have to worry about losing control of your pup when he discovers his target. Consider getting a tactical leash with a handle to amplify your control.  

Daily Walks

A traditional dog harness you find at your local pet store is slowly becoming old news. They are difficult to get on, and most dogs can squirm their way out of them. Replacing that ancient harness with a Lifeunion tactical harness will leave both you and your dog much happier on your walks. You’re dog will never want to take it off! Pair your new walking vest with a LED dog collar make you and your dog more visible to traffic and pedestrians. 

Advanced Training

A tactical dog harness has many added benefits over using a basic dog leash and collar. If your dog tends to pull hard while on walks, a harness can assist with training your pup not to pull without hurting him or her. A harness evenly distributes weight across adog’s chest, whereas a collar does not.

Service Dog Duty

The Lifeunion vest makes a great service vest. It has a strong and solid handle at the base of the neck. It allows you to easily grab it and maintain complete control of your dog. Due to the vest fitting so snug to the dog’s body it won’t move or wiggle if you pull on the handle. Consider attaching some identification patches on the Velcro strips for social awareness. 

Available Sizes

The small vest tends to work best for dogs under 40 pounds. Even though its called small it can be considered medium. If your dogs abdomen is less than 20″ in circumference check out the ICEFANG vest for their extra small vest. If you have a puppy and you expect him to get over 40 pounds you may want to consider getting him a large vest. 

Double check the measurements of your dog. You want to make sure and get a proper fitted vest. If your in doubt, it is recommended to get the larger size. There is plenty of nylon strap for making adjustment. 


1000D Nylon

The Elite Spanker service dog harness is made of durable, water-resistant, nylon material. Which is the same material used for manufacturing camping gear. It has been proven to withstand abrasions from debris like rocks, trees and shrubs, concrete and most other sharp objects your dog may encounter while on the trail.  

Straps and buckles

The abdomen strap has a solid, heavy-duty plastic buckle that stays locked. You won’t have to worry about it coming undone unless you want it to. Buckles like this can be found on similar outdoor and even U.S. military gear. 

The front strap simply goes over your dogs head and sits firmly to his chest. After you’ve snapped the abdomen buckle and gotten that properly adjusted you simply adjust the front chest strap. There is no way this strap will come undone because it is attached to both sides of the vest. The straps can however come lose over time so you will have to take the proper steps to ensure they stay tight. Some users have found that sewing them at the correct length keeps them from giving any slack. 

Velcro strips

The two 3 inch by 1.5 inch Velcro straps are extremely sticky. You can attach I.D. patches to them or even light gear with Velcro backing. We like to make our own reflective strips from safety tape and stick that to ourselves and our dogs vest. This works great to improve both you and your dogs visibility when walking at night. 


This harness is ideal for everyday use. It’s easy to clean, store and put on. It’s so light that your dog will most likely forget that it’s on. 


You don’t want your dog to overheat or have to take a cool down break every 10 minutes. Keeping your dog cool while training or hiking is important. You want to ensure the vest you put on your dog allows proper ventilation and air flow. If you plan on training or hiking in the summer heat then you’ve got nothing to worry about with this vest. The thin material allows for maximum air flow while also protecting from the harmful sun UV rays.  


Tactical dog harnesses are a great alternative to the average dog harness. The serve as a great way to improve your dogs behavior, assist them with training and give them a job to do. Furthermore, the  hikes, travels, and walks you go on will create a stronger relationship between you and your dog. The simplicity, durability and  form fitting ability of the Elite Spanker service dog harness  make it a fantastic option for both the casual walker or everyday hiker!