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Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Entertained Interactive

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Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Entertained

Finding the best dog toys to keep dogs entertained can be challenging but we make it easy!

A research carried out by Bristol University revealed that when dogs play with interactive toys it keeps them healthy and alert. 

The survey also indicates that dogs who don’t engage in play activities go through behavioral conditions such as fear and aggression.

Furthermore, when dogs have something to focus on, it keeps them busy, improves their mental ability, and teaches them how to relax.

These objects incite activities that play down boredom and boost active play. This alleviates attention seeking attitudes and extreme or destructive attention seeking behaviors in your pets.

What Are Interactive Dog Toys?

Interactive dog toys are physical and mental toys that motivate and aid dogs in fulfilling their instinctive and emotional needs. They are some of the best dog toys to keep dogs entertained. 

Even though dogs are bred as pets, they also need to feel stimulated, entertained, and, inspired too. 

These interactive toys are designed for dogs to improve natural hunting reflexes in a fun way.

They are designed to function in a specific way. Basically, these toys provide an exceptional challenge that is harmless and durable against your dog’s claws and teeth.

There are some unique interactive dog toy features to look out for when buying a toy.  The aim is to get a toy that will keep the dog’s interest heightened. These features include:

  • Playful attention seeking sounds – these include sounds from sound cards or squeakers.
  • Remarkable movements  – buy toys that have dangling parts and rebound around without any force or extra effort.
  • Extraordinary contents – buy toys that bring out dog treats anytime a puzzle is unraveled or when turned around.

These attributes are built so your dog won’t get tired of the toy or grow tired or uninterested with it abruptly

Types Of Interactive Dog Toys

Toy puzzles – This type of interactive dog toy is used to test a dog’s memory and recalling proficiency

Food-Dispensing Toys – Use these type of toys for instant pleasure during and after playing

Sensor Toys For Dogs – These are motivating dog’s senses such as sound, touch, and so much more.

Unbreakable Dog Toys – Used to challenge dogs during prolonged play time.

From a variety of food destructive toys, sensory toys, Indestructible toys to the puzzle toys; we have selected the 7 best interactive dog toys. 

Our collections are centered on specifications like material, adjustibility, durability, size, maintenance, and the intensity of fun.

Paws & Pals Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

  • 3 different settings 10, 20 and 30 ft
  • Built in treat compartment
  • Great toy for exercise!
  • 3 safe tennis balls included
  • Recommended for small and medium sized dogs

The Paws & Pals automatic dog ball thrower is an excellent choice if your looking to keep your dog occupied and entertained. In addition it is very easy to operate and teach your dog how to use. They will catch on and learn how to use it in no time at all. They work great with outdoor dog pens too! Check out our top rated extra large outdoor dog pens.

You can use the rubber Chuckit! balls along with the supplied tennis balls for a full day of fun!

It comes with a rechargeable battery which allows bringing it outside very easy. The power is great for both indoor and outdoor play, your pup will love it!

The treat dispenser is a great addition too! Really ensures they want to play with this toy!

Load the launcher with all three balls and watch it launch them in a matter of 10 seconds. This launcher will throw for hours on a full charge. Making one of the best dog toys to keep dogs entertained.

Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Entertained

Our Pets IQ Interactive Treat Dispensing Ball

  • Stimulates healthy feeding
  • Flexible feeding difficulty stages
  • Wind apart for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for small & medium dogs
  • Strong, durable non-toxic plastic

The IQ treat dispensing ball is a great interactive dog toy for all dogs but works best with small to medium dogs.

The non-toxic heavy duty plastic case is easily opened and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Place some kibble in the toy or daub some peanut butter inside the toy, this way your pet will get some treat whenever they play.

If you have hardwood floors and you find the ball too loud, you can take an old sock, stretch it over the ball, and cut off the excess, allowing for the food to go through the hole. 

The sock also makes the ball easier for dogs to grab, so if it gets stuck in a corner, they can pick it up and throw it somewhere else. 

Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Entertained

Furry Fido Interactive Treat Dispensing Ball

  • New challenges in every game!
  • Mentally invigorating toy
  • Occupies anxious dogs and entertains
  • Treat rewarding puzzle
  • Different levels of difficulty

The Furry Fido works as a slow rolling treat or food dispenser. If your dog scarfs his food down in one gulp during his meals consider getting him this to slow him down.

While he chases the ball around both his mind and body will be stimulated. The ball will hold up to about 1 cup of dry dog food allowing for most size dogs to use. 

Dog Toys To Keep Dogs Entertained KONG durable dog toy

The Classic KONG Chew

  • Great fit for regular chewers
  • Mentally invigorating toy
  • Improves your dog’s instinctual wants
  • Fill with KONG treats and snacks
  • Highly endorsed by veterinarians

The KONG fillable chew toy has made a strong reputation for itself among the dog community. This durable and interactive toy has been a basic preference for dogs all over the world for several years.

Place some kibble in the toy or daub some peanut butter inside the toy, this way your pet will get some treat whenever they play.

If your dog isn’t familiar with an interactive toy, start with a Kong classic toy. It will help ascertain if your dog is fascinated by interactive toys and puzzles.

If your looking for some durable and tough chew toys for aggressive chewers go check out our best toys for destructive dogs article!

Outward Hound Invincible Plush Toys

  • Perfect for occupying your dog
  • Ideal for toss and fetch
  • Great for indoor and outdoor games
  • Long Lasting and very durable
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes

The Outward Hound has produced and sold over 5 million of these toys. They are very popular with both dogs and their owners. 

They were designed to allow for ultimate shake, tug and hard play. We have purchased 7 of these toys and over two years time only two have been shredded.

These toys are absolutely durable and created with an array of sounds, shapes, and textures. What’s more, Outward Hound is bound to be your dog’s favorite toy.

They come with no stuffing in them so no mess, if your dog is able to chew through the double stitched heavy duty edges! 

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

  • Waterproof material!
  • Ideal for toss and fetch
  • Great for indoor and outdoor games
  • Long Lasting and very durable
  • Comes in different shapes and sizes

Exercise is vital to a dog’s well being. This toy is great for dogs who love to run. Chuck it! Flying Squirrel is superior to normal throw toys. 

It displays raised sides for dogs to pick up easily. It has a glow-in-the-dark attribute to make it easy to see when playing during dusk. 

The more spin you give it the further it soars! Test your dogs chasing skills with the Chuckit! flying squirell. 

Comes in three sizes: 

  • Small – 9in x 9in
  • Medium – 10 in x 10 in
  • Large – 11in x 11in
Dog toys to keep dogs entertained can also keep their owners entertained! This flying squirrel toy will provide a thrilling experience as you chuck it and watch your dog chase it down.

When preparing to throw, hold it from the tab on the side instead of one of the four weighted corners. This will ensure a long and lengthy throw!