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Best Tent For Dog Owners Camping with Their Dogs | Bring Your Dog Camping!

Planning a camping trip with your dog?

Our dogs LOVE camping and hiking. They also LOVE meeting other campers and being  good “doggie ambassador’s”. I don’t think they would ever forgive us if we went camping without them! Taking your dog camping can be a blast, as long as you are prepared. Having a good, strong and dog accommodating tent is crucial to your preparation.

Choosing the right tent

With more and more families reluctant to leave the family pooch behind, camping grounds and holiday parks have become much more lenient with their position on pets. However, before aimlessly selecting the best tent for dog owners, there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

The best camping tent with your rather large pooch is the one that will give YOU a lot of space; after all, you are paying for the tent. 

You will also want one that is relatively light, has enough of ventilation, a floor strong enough to handle sharp nails, and one that can be easily washed when the adventure is over.

there are a couple of things to remember:

best tent for dog owners camping with there dogs

Before embarking on your new adventure, there are some things you should know about camping with your dog. Below is a top 5 list no no’s list that rookie campers make when camping with their dog. 

#1. You must maintain full control of your dog at all times

Your dog must be on a leash in most campgrounds at all times. You must be a responsible dog parent and respect your neighbors by controlling your dog. I have only witnessed one time a dog that was actually trained well enough to be fully obedient off-leash, and you don’t know what your dog may decide to do in a completely new setting.

We usually string a rope between 2 trees and attach our dog’s Flexi lead to the rope with a carabiner. This way we have a place for her to be out of the way, and she is not tipping over our camp chairs with a leash.

#2. Pick up after your dog

Make sure you pick up after your dog! Nothing ruins the trip more than stepping in dog poo when you are trying to commune with nature. This is also one of the fastest ways to get dogs completely kicked out of campgrounds. So don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

#3. No excessive barking please

If your dog cannot get through the day without barking all the time, maybe camping near others is not the place for him/her. We do not allow our dog to bark and bark and bark. We trained her with a squirt bottle when she was a puppy, and we bring it along camping just in case she gets any ideas about that sound the eagles are making. I don’t mind a warning woof if someone is approaching, but only one or two, thank you.

#4. Do not leave your dog alone at your campsite

Do not leave your dog alone at your campsite, and do not leave them tied up outside your tent/camper overnight. There are lots of strange noises and smells outdoors that a “city dog” may find scary. Let them know that this is a fun time, and not a time to be afraid.

#5. Bring necessary items and gear for your dog

Keep in mind that your dog may get really cold easier than at home, since they are not in a climate controlled house. I make sure I have a doggy fleece coat with us just in case and I give her an old towel to lay on so she is not on the cold ground. It is her choice to use it or not.

List of items to bring

  • 30 foot dog leash
  • Regular 6' - 10' walking leash
  • Thick blankets to protect the tent floor
  • Dog bed/blanket for outside
  • Avon SSS bug spray
  • Dog towel to dry off your pup
  • Portable fresh water - water bottles, canteen, dog bowl
  • Separate food & water bowls for your dog

Get your dog their own pup tent!

Shop this tent

Pettom Dog camping tent

Pettom has a great dog camping tent made specifically  with your dog in mind. It works great at protecting him from rain, bugs, winds, and provides a safe place. This pet tent is designed for camping but sturdy enough to serve as a dog house. Use it indoors or outdoors, even in your own backyard! 


  • Smart design, easy to set up and take down
  • Zippered doors and breathable mesh windows to prevent mosquitoes
  • Durable flex fiberglass rod and 210 D water-proof polyester cover
  • Moisture proof, dustproof, waterproof, UV protected
  • Metal stakes included to fasten the tent tightly
  • Made of high quality material, sturdy and functional
  • Carrying bag included for easy storage

Dimensions: 45.3″L x 34.6″W x 28.3″

7 best tents for camping with your dog

best tent for camping with your dog solo camping
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The Sierra Designs Summer Moon tent is a great option for those of you looking for a 3-person tent for car camping and backpacking with your dog. The traveling weight of the tent is 3 lbs 7 oz! Which puts it in the middle of the road for weight as far as high end tents go. The interior of this tent has 48 square feet, so it is quite spacious for  you, your pups and a guest.  

We tested the tent with two people, one 6'0 tall and another at 5'9.

Along with the people, there were two 60lbs dogs that can easily take up a queen size bed each. There was also ample room for few medium-sized bags. Although we prefer to keep our equipment inside our tent, there are two large vestibules that allow a covered space in case you have some muddy shoes, wet towels or a bicycle that you want to be covered from the elements. No gear was stored outside the tent whatsoever. 

Sierra Designs Breakdown

Sierra Designs sells for just over $200. A footprint flooring protector is available separately. I’d give it a rating of 4.8 based on the ease of set-up for such a large tent. If you are tall, or just like extra headroom, the Sierra Designs Summer Moon tent can be the tent for you. This makes one of the best tent for dog owners options available.


  • Affordable for the quality
  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Good for summer camping
  • Easy to assemble and use


  • Rain may leak through zipper areas but otherwise protects great
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The Coleman Instant Darkroom tent is a high quality tent for 4 people built for a range of weather conditions. This four-person tent has Coleman’s unique darkroom technology that blocks the sun (and heat) allowing you and your pet to sleep well during your next camping adventure.

With regards to being puppy cordial, the front screen room is a great spot for a puppy nap or lazy time. The zippers are sturdy and do a great job keeping  the bug out. One drawback to this tent is that the screened room can’t be walled off. So in the event that it downpours, have preparations arranged to keep your dearest doggies dry.

Coleman Dark Room Breakdown

The Coleman Instant Darkroom with Screen Room is a great option with its screen room available that will benefit you in several ways, including cleaning the inside of the tent interior from dirty footwear.

This particular four-person Coleman tent is fairly new compared to others in this category, however, so far, the reviews have been positive in general, which is not a surprise considering the manufacturer of this tent.

In addition to its unique darkroom technology, this store features quality canvas and a sturdy PVC base to ensure that you and your dog stay dry in the most humid conditions. The only drawback of this store is that it is smaller than other tents for 4 people.


  • Easy to configure, even with 1 person
  • Does not feel like an oven during the hot, humid summer days
  • Very resistant to the weather. Can handle strong winds and downpours
  • Contains a screened porch so you can keep insects out
  • Spacious for queen size air mattresses
  • The unique feature of "dark room" offers incredible comfort for your camping trip


  • The manufacturers claim that they weigh 8 pounds, but the actual weight is 17 pounds
  • Not high enough for people to stand up, even shorter people
  • It may be a bit dark for dog and people who enjoy natural light in their tents
best tent for camping with dogs hillberg two person tent
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There is much to admire about this tent; it is quick and easy to install in any weather, completely waterproof, it stays strong in heavy storms, it is light and compact and it is very well made plus the tent is suitable for two people or one person and a dog.

If you prefer to have everything tucked in at night, and do not like to worry about dragging everything into the tent just store all your equipment in the spacious vestibule. The dark green color camouflages us when we camp wildly.

Theoretically, the vestibule can also be used for cooking in rainy weather, but we are not so willing to cook inside the vestibule for safety reasons.

Pitching the Nallo 2 GT is a dream and easily done with just one person. Having the inner and outer shells together is excellent when it is raining, but you can easily remove the outer shell for cleaning.

Sometimes we had to camp on concrete, and since the tent is not standing, it required a bit of improvising. This would have been much easier with a free standing tent, so consider your destination when choosing your tent.

Hillberg Nallo GT Breakdown

There are really nice features inside the tent, such as the clothes line running down the length, which is also useful for hanging the head lamps and the deep side pockets help keep stow small odds and ends away.

Campers’ often carry  the Nallo GT as it ensures that they will have private accommodations wherever they go, solo hikers love to have an almost palatial space without any real weight penalty. Campers with their dogs love the extra space – and, of course, the ultra-light weight – the Nallo GT has to offer.


  • Light weight
  • Strong fabric in the inner and outer shells
  • The dark green color is good for wild camping
  • Quick and easy to launch
  • Large vestibule area to store the kit
  • Water proof
  • Holds extremely well in adverse weather conditions


  • Low quality pegs supplied (easily bend)
  • Condensation problems when camping in humid climates
  • Zippers sticky after 6 months of frequent use
best tent for camping with dogs coleman 8 person tent 2
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If you are looking for a spacious and durable tent that is perfect for a mid-sized family and your dog. The Coleman 8 people Red Canyon store is one of the best selections you can make. Coleman is reliable brands of tents that have been around for years and are known for their high quality products.

The Coleman Red Canyon store measures 17 by 10 feet, with a central height of 72 inches, and is large enough to comfortably accommodate up to eight campers including your large pooch. 

The tent is perfect for family camping, including room dividers that allow you to create three separate rooms. The Weathertec system is guaranteed to withstand rain or other adverse weather conditions, and comes with shock-corded poles and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. 

The tent also has a Cool-Airport and an adjustable Variflo ventilation system, which gives you total control over the flow of air in the tent. It also comes with separate storage bags for tents, poles and stakes, which makes the tent easy to dismantle and transport.

Coleman Red Canyon Breakdown

One of the best tent for dog owners options is the Red Canyon tent for 8 people, which buyers love. This tent can be used for all types of families and all kinds of situations.

It also protects you and your dog from a variety of adverse weather conditions such as humid and cold temperatures. While it may be an excess for a single camper, couples who like to camp and pack a lot of equipment or pets will find this very much to their liking. In a few words: this is a versatile tent.


  • Red Canyon is easy to configure.
  • The tent is low maintenance.
  • The divider offers privacy.
  • The tent is easy to fold and carry.
  • There is enough room to fit 3 queen size mattresses.
  • The tent is made of weather resistant fabrics and the seams do a good job to prevent leaks.


  • Red Canyon does not have as many doors as other tents for 8 people.
  • The center poles are long and may require two people.
kodaik canvas 8 person tent great for camping with your dog
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Whether you are camping with your dogs, hunting buddies or with your family, the Kodiak canvas flex bow tent can easily accommodate 8 people. The high-strength construction is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, so it will keep warm in winter and cool in summer. 

One of the highlights of this tent is its extra high 6 Ft 6 celling, and since there is plenty of indoor space to sleep and relax, this is the perfect tent for any outdoor adventure.

The maximum height of six feet and six inches allows you to walk freely within it. So roaming free around the tent will be easy. 

This will allow you and your dog to enjoy the convenience of the tent. 2 huge entrances formed (front and back) with high quality zippers.

The camping enthusiasts consider this one of the best in a series of tents that are colloquially called “bombproof”. The key to its success in nature is the tough canvas material from which the tent is made. Unfortunately, this also makes the tent extremely heavy and weighs 70 lbs. 

However, the Kodiak Flex-Bow system also makes this tent easy enough for a person to assemble, something that many reviewers can attest to.


  • This is a large 8 person tent
  • Made of 100% cotton, it will be same as new one for several years if handled with care
  • 2 funnels flows are provided for temperature management.
  • Large D-shaped doors for easy entry.
  • 4 large windows for air ventilation.
  • 80mph+ wind resistant
  • Full rainproof
  • Very easy to assemble


  • The white color allows for visible stains
  • No mesh ceiling for star gazing
best tent for camping with dogs
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When you go camping with your family, friends and dogs, you want to be close and spend time with one another, but you also need a little space. This family tent by Wenzel Klondike has a large size of 16 x 11 feet and comfortably accommodates 8 people, including dogs in its cabin dome frame. 

It comes in either a charming grey color, and there is also the option to go with a mixture of taupe and red. The 98 square feet of interior space is big enough for even large dogs, and there are still 60 feet of space in the screen room with zip up walls.

You will also enjoy 6.5 feet headroom inside the tent that allows you to walk high. The attached screen room is the perfect sun shelter, picnic area, gear room, or just a great place to relax and read a book with your dog during the day. 

outdoor Features

Some really nice outdoor  features include the full mesh roof and two mesh windows that keep insects away but always let in the breeze. Wenzel Klondike has a Weather Armor polyester fabric protecting the tent from the top to bottom and double stitched seams sewn throughout the body of the tent create a handy shingle effect against water. Also, you will find that all threads, zippers and belts of the tent are treated with repellent applicants to protect you even further.

Wenzel Klondike Breakdown

This tent is the perfect choice for large families or smaller families who take their dogs with them when they camp.
Just when I thought that this tent was sufficiently fortified, the Klondike also has a fiberglass structure and uses Power Corners to increase the stability of the tent. Spacious, water resistant and built to last. The robust construction of this tent makes it one of the best tent for dog owners options. Other features such as the hanging pockets and the storage duffel make this tent hospitable and convenient.


  • Spacious room for you and your dog.
  • Easy configuration and breakdown.
  • Large standing room.
  • Full mesh screen room and full mesh roof for hot weather.
  • Well ventilated to camp in warm weather with good privacy.
  • Robust and stable in windy conditions.
  • The ten-year warranty is unusually long.


  • Shaggy sides if not configured correctly
  • The free space in the screen room is low for taller people.
  • The free space in the screen room is low for taller people.
For over 50 years, Slumberjack has been constantly innovating to provide a wide range of camping and hunting gears to add convenience to your outdoor time. Create an adventure that everyone will enjoy when you relax with the Slumberjack Overland 10 Person Camping Tent! This tunnel-like construction tent includes a space divider for plenty of living space, and enough room to sleep up to ten campers including dogs.

Slumberjack Overland Breakdown

The design of this Slumberjack ensures easy installation and spacious rooms for your outdoor getaways for you and your dogs. With fully taped seams and a high / low ventilation system, it is ready for any type of weather. The high entrance door leads to the spacious living room, which can be left open or subdivided with the interior door. Five adjustable windows open and close from the inside so you and fildo can enjoy the views and ventilation.

A stand-up entryway, a high and low ventilation system and large windows offer an impressive style that will surely accommodate campers and their dogs in any climate. Pitch the Overland and enjoy the outdoors!


  • Great for families or mixed groups
  • Suitable to the environment
  • Quick setup and packing


  • Ventilation may be an issue in warm climates
  • If not setup correctly you may have issues with the tent staying up


camping with your dog in a tent

When you think about taking your dog to camp, remember: does your dog behave and do well with other dogs? 

Is your dog healthy and too young or too old? These are factors you should consider, it is possible that puppies under 18 weeks are too small to make a camping trip since their immune system has not recovered and could pick up certain diseases. 

If your dog is too old, the stress of walking and running may be too much.